Rolling Pins

My rolling are hand turned, standard size for both handeld and french style are 18 inches. However I can turn one as long or short as you like. Right now wood choices,                                        WALNUT                                                 CHERRY                                                 CEDAR                                                    Feel free to call as I come across other types of wood, and would gladly make one from any thing I have in stock



Scoops Peelers and Openers

Pictured from left to right

Bottle opener in oak

Vegtable peeler in walnut

Disher ice cream scoop in walnut

Ice cream scoop in walnut

Coffee scoop in walnuut

Vertical vegtable in walnut

I have over 40 types of wood to make these items out of, so feel free to call me and I can tell you what I on hand

Coffee & Pepper Grinder

Coffee and Pepper Grinder

Country Kitchen Gadgets

Measuring Cups & Spoons